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Spa World Resort – Traditional Korean Bathhouse (Jimjilbang)

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2 Spa World Resort   Traditional Korean Bathhouse (Jimjilbang)For Al-Arabiya TV, correspondent Nadia Bilbassy tries out a new traditional Korean bathhouse, or jimjilbang, which recently opened in Fairfax County, Va. and offers the Korean community and the general public a place to spend time with family in the heated stone rooms, public bath, relaxation areas and Korean restaurant.

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7 Responses to “Spa World Resort – Traditional Korean Bathhouse (Jimjilbang)”
  1. ilovelarca says:

    i was just there …
    i was just there yesterday omg it was so good and my locker was 1234

  2. crock703 says:

    It’s in Centerville …
    It’s in Centerville, off Braddock rd.

    their website is spaworldusaDOTcom — take out the “DOT” and insert a real period. (Sorry if that’s totally obvious)

    This place looks great.

  3. TjuhuTiy says:

    Don’t know which is …
    Don’t know which is more amazing, this place, or that I actually got my husband to go with me. Then, couldn’t get him to leave! Literally, wish I could LIVE there. Heard only 3 exist–GA, Korea, DC. Anyone know where in DC? Would love for my children to go.

  4. bapechiqa says:

    Make one here in …
    Make one here in Hawaii and I’ll go everyday! Seriously….

  5. vivelle69 says:

    Koreans should …
    Koreans should develop this in france ^^ I’m arabic so i’m used to hamam but this sytem seems better!!!

  6. whypups says:

    i went there like 3 …
    i went there like 3 days ago
    i had a towel on my head and it looked like a dumpling
    i am korean
    that place is awsome

  7. cheesehermit says:

    woot first comment …
    woot first comment and my dad owns this spa.Hes the one that big with those glassess

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