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2 RELAX NAIL SPAJack Scalfani risks his life and his manlyhood going to get a pediure with his wife. Finally men get to see what goes on behind closed doors. We owe Jack a lot for taking risks on the show.

Duration : 0:11:15

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25 Responses to “RELAX NAIL SPA”
  1. JustNess78 says:

    so ironic, but my …
    so ironic, but my fiance and i decided to take the streets home from the honda center last week when we saw the Walking with Dinosaurs show and we stopped to eat at the Carl’s Jr right there in that shopping center… I only recognize it because we ate in the car and were parked right in front of that nail place! i’d never even beenin that city before, lol… weird…

  2. jakatak69 says:

    @glfayer honestly …
    @glfayer honestly the Jack on the Go show is going to be expanding out a little. It’s just kind of a sneak peak of my life behind the camera. Mostly food. Trust me.

  3. munkmunks says:

    the correct city is …
    the correct city is Stanton jack XP giving you a hard time love your vids

  4. chinesedude001 says:

    lol from food to …
    lol from food to pediure and ofc the lady is asian right?>_>

  5. wint3rL says:

    hahaha. cool and …
    hahaha. cool and funny ^^

  6. turokisthebest says:

    haha the woman is …
    haha the woman is looking at the video camera
    lol its at 3:30

  7. eduardoc says:

    @jakatak69 haha you …
    @jakatak69 haha you got a point there. Gotta ask, are you going back any time soon?

  8. glfayer says:

    this has nothing to …
    this has nothing to do with food, shame on you jack, jkjk

  9. jakatak69 says:

    @eduardoc Dude. …
    @eduardoc Dude. It’s all about what women like. I don’t care what guys feel about my legs or feet. Ugh!

  10. jakatak69 says:

    @Bowserslave it was …
    @Bowserslave it was all good and relaxing.

  11. jakatak69 says:

    @Bryanneo1 probably …
    @Bryanneo1 probably not.

  12. jakatak69 says:

    @jaywilton18 I’m …
    @jaywilton18 I’m good. trust me. I am watching the saints vikings game right now.

  13. Shadmed2 says:

    I do my eyebrows :P .
    I do my eyebrows :P .

  14. sashquatch211 says:

    @rawrritsuyen if …
    @rawrritsuyen if you had a little more brains to read than you have ignorance you would have seen my other comment and u made yourself look stupid if you dont care why the did you reply you tard

  15. iamlegendlover16 says:

    @PammieChan thats …
    @PammieChan thats his son…

  16. PammieChan says:

    ROFLMAO@ the lady …
    ROFLMAO@ the lady going we’re not cutting if you slip and fall. SHE’S SO FUNNY! LOL

  17. TheRandomBMXers says:

    @Spyroyahoo Idk man …
    @Spyroyahoo Idk man manicures for men are fine but pedicures for men are just messed up

  18. hawtinhawaii says:

    i heard “manhud” …
    i heard “manhud” hehe..

  19. eduardoc says:

    Good on you, Jack! …
    Good on you, Jack! I’ve heard from a couple women that more men should get pedicures if they wear sandals and stuff. I haven’t done it but might sometime in the future.

  20. TheTroubledTroubador says:

    I want wax on my …
    I want wax on my feet

  21. prettyinpunk666 says:

    I now really want a …
    I now really want a pedicure, that looks awesome.

  22. majorenDK says:

    03:23 “i got …
    03:23 “i got theese balls rubbing my back…. pretty cool” rofl!

  23. CraziiAZNXOXO04 says:

    Lol you got to get …
    Lol you got to get a pedicure before I did… lucky :’[

  24. Spyroyahoo says:

    @TheRandomBMXers oh …
    @TheRandomBMXers oh really? how come my DAD, gets them? and he is MARRIED TO AN EFFING WOMAN? besides, he does`nt even get the nail polish duh.

  25. Bowserslave says:

    that green mud …
    that green mud looks awesome
    though did it feel good?

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