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Patients Prefer Invisalign New York Over Traditional Metal Braces

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If you would like to learn how you can straighten your teeth without metallic braces, Invisalign might be the option just for you. Invisalign is a new way that both teens and adults are straightening their teeth without wearing metallic braces. To search for an orthodontist that offers clear braces simply enter the terms invisalign New York.

Invisalign are clear braces, but they are not actually braces but a tray of clear aligners that fit comfortably over teeth The clear tray aligner is molded to fit each tooth and designed to visibly realign teeth without the need for gaudy metallic braces.

Patients simply have to put the tray in their mouth over their teeth. The tray is the perfect alternative to those old metal braces and wires people used to have to wear on their teeth to improve their smile.

To achieve results patients have to change their aligner trays every so often. Patients do not have to have any readjustments done, but will have to replace the trays on a schedule. The goal is to slightly move teeth into the best position.

Wire adjustments are not something that patients have to look forward to when they wear clear braces. Patients will have to be periodically be seen by the orthodontist, but do not have to be seen for readjustments. Each patient will receive a series of clear trays that have already been readjusted.

The cost of the clear trays are a bit more than metallic braces. However, there are great benefits when it comes to wearing clear braces versus traditional braces. Old traditional braces can do harm to the teeth. In addition, with traditional braces food tends to get stuck and patients have a harder time brushing their teeth.

Patients who use the Invisalign system can eat anything they want to eat. Patients who use traditional braces cannot eat whatever they want to eat. Patients who use the clear trays remove them before eating and then brush before placing the clear tray back in their mouth. Patients who use clear braces experience less decay than those that wear traditional braces.

Individuals who would like to learn more about clear braces can search for an orthodontist by typing in invisalign New York. Invisalign is very popular and many orthodontists now offer clear braces.

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