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New Barber Chairs Will Give You More For Less

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Used barber chairs can save you a bundle when buying barber equipment for your shop. The quality of these chairs nowadays are good enough that in many cases they are the only barber chairs you will ever own. Plus the aged look makes these chairs actually more desirable in some owners eyes.

Used barber chairs are found in many places. At auctions, wholesale dealers, and of course on the internet. You can scan newspapers and industry magazines for deals too. It’s a good practice to get in touch with these sellers as soon as you spot a possible chair for your shop, as used barber chairs are in high demand.

Many investors will be looking for old barber chairs and to beat them you will have to keep yourself updated regularly. Since these barber chairs will allow you to save a great deal, it wont hurt to do a little research regularly.

When going to an auction try to arrive early and look at the chairs you might want to buy. If you’ve done your research you should know about what they would go for if bought new. So set the price you are willing to pay to yourself.

Try to figure out how long the chair, or chairs, will last in your shop. Factor in other costs such as what it would take to repair them if this is needed. All of this will help you determine a good reasonable offer.

Auctions cannot always be won, so you should not disappointed if that happens. You can also look for direct sellers who do not want to go through all the trouble of holding an auction. This type of transaction can cost a bit more but it does not include any chance of losing. This type of sellers can also be found through the internet and newspaper ads and you will have to check the condition of the used barber chairs too.

Direct vendors of used barber chairs will most of the time have fixed prices, but don’t hesitate to bargain. Again you need to have done your homework to know what type of barber chair sells for what. If it is a chair that’s in demand don’t expect to be able to get much off the asking price.

Many barbers will start their business with used barber chairs simply because they can get top of the line equipment for a lower cost.

When drawing up a budget for your salon you will realize that most of the money will be spent on the barber chairs. When going to an auction try to arrive early and look at the chairs you might want to buy. You can see ads on these type of barber chairs in the newspaper. Salon Reception Desk

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