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Expansion Of The Nail Salon And Day Spa Industry Impression

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A trend many are seeing in the salon and spa businesses are the actual blending of these two huge multi billion dollar industries. With this, the entire beauty corporate design is tranforming.

The services you would normally see in a salon setting are starting to appear more and more in your traditional spa setting as well. Small salon and spa businesses who once specialized in certain services are now having to expand what they offer. Thus providing a single stop beauty service for the consumer.

Starting to emerge are hair and nail salons offering full lines of products and retail services. Undoubtedly in time spa services will be added as well to these gowing mega stores. One can’t help but to think of the same phenomenon that basically took over the conventional oil and tire service stores.

Formerly, the stand alone 30 minute oil change service centers quickly added tire service to their offerings. It soon became clear that in order to compete in this market, more and more services had to be added in order to increase the slim profits made from the oil and tires. Soon these businesses were offering full fledged auto repair.

Similarly, the giant beauty industry is seemingly following in these footsteps. Which also makes good business sense. Who doesn’t like one stop shopping? Simple stand alone nail salons saw the need to add additional products and services in order to increase revenue in these tough times.

The obvious choice was to expand the beauty services and offer more beauty products. Also spas are now offering salon services, and vice versa. Soon there will be more and more mega stores where you can go to get everything from your nails and hair done, right after you finish with your facial and full body massage!

I don’t think we’ll go as far as offering drive through services at these mega centers, but who knows! And some of the smaller beauty shop businesses will have to start diversifying into certain niches to survive, because most of these smaller outfits are the owner-operator types of stores.

They would rather just do what they do and not have to worry about the details and headaches of running a business. It is a mindset thing. The problem is that they don’t want to give up the freedom that being your own boss yields. I see a niche developing in salon and spa businesses.

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